Best gaming chairs under 150

5 Best Gaming Chair Under $150

Find out which gaming chair under 150 is the best in this article. Buying the best gaming chair means you invest in your health. Most gamers play the game for a long period, and these gaming chairs help keep your back pain-free.

To build a gaming pc, most people spent a good amount of money. However, many people did not spend money on a gaming chair, which was not a good decision. The support your back needs to be provided by the gaming chair helps maintain a good back posture. Here are some recommendations based on the best gaming chairs in the $100 to $300 price range.

The best gaming chairs are good for hours of gaming on your PC or streaming videos online. They are also good value and help you improve your game. An excellent gaming chair can greatly enhance your overall gaming experience.
Gamers feel comfortable with good back supports and high-quality material, allowing them to play longer.

In case you do not choose a gaming chair and play the game for a long time on a regular chair, you might experience back pain after a few days. I have selected the best gaming chairs under 150, which are within the budget of most gamers. I chose this chair because many gamers cannot spend a lot of money on the chair, but they still want a good gaming chair.

5 Best Gaming Chair Under 150

  1. BANTIA Quad Ergonomic Gaming Chair

You will find the APEX Affinity to be a fantastic alternative if you are trying to find a comfortable chair at a price you can afford. This chair is entirely adjustable, allowing you to adjust any component to your needs.

There is a hook for hanging your headphones and wires on the headrest so that you can remove the headrest if you like. The APEX Affinity also has an adjustable backrest for your comfort. Additionally, it has a net backrest.

This chair is more durable than its three characteristics. It can be adjusted to an appropriate elevation, tilted, and locked at any moment by any place. The most convenient part is your armrests’ flexibility. They can be positioned in any location.

Products are tested from raw materials to finish to sturdiness to durability on several different parameters to meet International Quality Standards. The must attach tool Kits and Meeting instructions to this package.

The chair is metal on the inside, which makes it durable and can be used for years. The backrest is made of high-quality mesh that will allow airflow and keep the chair functional.

Made with chrome-plated steel, this high-quality chair has an excellent base and is extremely durable. It comes filled with high-quality foam making it extremely comfortable. It is beige and crafted of materials that easily clean.

  1. Green Soul GS-734U Chair

This gaming chair is the best in the market. It’s made with the best quality of the fabric, and it’s just as hardy and durable. It’s the perfect gaming chair. I highly recommend it to absolutely everybody.

These gaming chairs contain excellent fabric. They are softer and breathable than leather so that they won’t cause your back to sweat. Because of the airflow, you can sit for a long period of an hour.

If necessary, you can raise or lower the armrest based on your comfort. A flexible armrest is also useful for adjustments based on table height. Ergonomic recommendations state that the armrest should be aligned with the dining table.

A removable lumbar support pillow is also included with this product. The pillow is made from memory foam and serves to provide the spine with maximum support while gaming.

It also contains a neck pillow that provides throat support. Sitting in the same place for long periods is inevitable for a computer gamer, so neck support is fundamental.

The tilt function of this chair lets you lift and rock in a motion that suits your needs so that it can be used as a rocking chair as well. Just lock the tilt angle at 15 degrees and carry out your activities.

By getting a gaming chair from Green Soul, you also benefit from purchasing an item from one of the best brands. Furthermore, the company stands behind its products entirely.

  1. Devoko Gaming Chair

Our top spot on our list for best gaming chairs under ten thousand goes to the Devoko racing style gaming chair. This chair rotates 360-degrees and can be locked in place, enabling you always to be comfortable regardless of how you position your body.

Devoko’s ergonomic gaming chair features adjustable features to fit your position. The adjustable tilt lock and ergonomic headrest give you options for comfort, including stretching out in-between games. The armrests are individually adjustable by our testers, and the lower back cushion promotes good posture while gaming.

If you are unsatisfied, you can return it within 30 days. In addition, a 6-month warranty for free replacement will be given to you. Devoko is the perfect chair for someone looking for a simple chair but doesn’t want to cut corners.

  1. Cream Gaming Chair

The Kream Gaming Chair proved to be much better than the GT RACING Gaming Chair in terms of comfort. Additionally, it features a footrest which is particularly useful when leaning back to watch a movie or read.

Kream chairs have a greater compact backrest than the GT racing chair above. Users still find the footrest to be one of the best features of the chair after a tiring day at work.

It is vastly more comfortable and has a better build than most chairs we’ve tried. Its large seating area, exceptionally high armrests, and exceptionally comfortable backrest leave us breathless.

The comfort of the design and char and the comfort of the back support should be a factor when purchasing a gaming chair. The Kream gaming chair stands out because it offers a premium design and comfortable chair.

Kcream’s dimensions are quite similar to that of the Gtracing chair. It is much wider, the arms are more comfortable than the Gtracing chair, and there is more padding all around. Even so, the difference in size is still noticeable.

  1. Ticova Ergonomic Office Chair

Even though gaming chair are as comfortable as the other options in the above list, for the same price, you can get an office chair that is even more ergonomic, such as the Ticova Ergonomic.

The Ticova Ergonomic might not look as cool, and none of the current streamers are sitting in it, but if you need to be careful about your posture and overall back health after that, this might be the better choice for you.

Despite its simple design, this mid-back gaming chair has some unique features that set it apart from the competition. It has a breathable mesh chair covering, adjustable chair height, and adjustable armrest height. Its chair base will not feel as restrictive as some of the chairs below and above.

If the racing design is less important to you, this ergonomic office chair is most likely a better choice. As for the overall sitting experience, the Ticova Ergonomic may not be much better initially, but it will soon be.


My friends are gamers, and they have gaming YouTube channels, so I have personally tested many of these chairs. We picked our selection from several that currently sell for under 150 rupees.

The right gaming chair can relieve gamers from back and joint pains, thus offering relief to gamers from back and joint pains. Here are some factors to consider when buying a good gaming chair for good posture and back problems.

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