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Discord Search not Working (PC & Mobile) – FIXED

It can be really irritating. Discord search does not work when you’re trying to find the oldest message from a particular user or server.

Discord, like all other VoIP apps, allows you to search for users and servers. This article will briefly discuss Discord. How to fix discord message search bar not working on Mobile and PC.

Discord search has many filters, such as “From“, “MentionsThis allows you to quickly track your message. This problem is common for most users, so I will only share the main causes.

Why is Discord Search not working?______________

Here are some major reasons why discord chat search bars don’t work. This will help you quickly understand the issue and fix it.

  1. Discord Outage – Before you proceed to find the problem on your device or discord settings, make sure there is no issue with the discord server.
  2. Discord Search Trouble? Check your Internet Connection. A slow internet connection or high ping could also be a problem.
  3. Discord Outdated – Discord should be updated regularly to fix many security and bugs.
  4. Discord Cache – Caches saved can also cause problems. Caches are useful for quickly loading resources, but excessive caches can cause problems.
  5. Problem with Discord plugins and features – Discord server search can be affected by many discord features, such as Streamer mode. These discord search problems can also be caused by better discord.

Discord Search is not working on your PC?

I will not waste your time by sharing inconscientious methods. I’m going to share the top five methods that will solve the problem.

NOTE: Please restart your device and try discord web to confirm that the problem is not related to the application.

FIX 1 – Discord Outage

If the discord servers go down, there is nothing you can do. You can check discord status to see the status. Wait until discord comes back online.

Discord may be temporarily unavailable due to high server load or security updates. This is a time when discord might not start or the search bar may not function.

Wait until the discord server goes up again. If the server is down, do not proceed with the steps below.

Check the Discord Outage Status

FIX 2 – Fix poor internet connection and high discord ping

Many users claim that discord search did not work due to poor internet connections and high ping.

This can happen if you’re using mobile data. Connect your computer to a mobile hotspot. Switch to another network and get better internet.

Make an internet speed check on speedtest.net, this will help you know your internet speed and ping.

FIX 3 – Disable Discord Streamer mode

You may be wondering how streamer mode could lead to discord broken search. Many users have solved this problem by disabling streamer mode in Discord.

This is a problem that must be solved.

Open the Discord app and click on the settings icon to turn off streamer mode. user settings.

Scroll to the bottom, and click “Streamer mode” on the left-hand panel.


The streamer mode’s first option is “Enable Streamer Mod”.To disable the toggle, click on it you can enable it again. After that, restart the discord to confirm the fix. If not, you can enable it again.

FIX 4 – Update Discord (Discord search not working)

Discord is constantly working on security and bugs to fix issues. To do this, we just need to update the discord.

Discord is mainly used by gamers, and we all know that our system is mostly utilized by them.OnOr both.Sleep mode. Low restart means discord and other applications may not be updated. Update discord to fix issues with discord search or not working.

Discord can be easily updated by closing it completely and then restarting. Restart as administrator. Next, close all files in discord. Click on the discord icon to right-click and select Run as Administrator.


FIX 5 – Uninstall Better Conflict

Better Discord is a fantastic platform that improves discord with many features such as emojis and plugins.

Although better discord is safer, third-party themes and plugins that we download through better Discord can still pose a threat to our security.. Better Discord’s official site is the safest and most reliable place to download these features.

About 2 months ago, I experienced a discord search problem and the link function was not working. I uninstalled better discord to fix the problem.

FIX 6:- Reinstall Discord

These 5 fixes are likely to fix the issue. If they still don’t work, you can reinstall discord.

It is simple to reinstall Discord. Follow these steps.

PressWindows + RKey to Open theRUNIn the box, type “appwiz.cpl”, and click OK. This will open the Windows program and its features.

Right-click on the discord app and selectUninstallOnce you have done that, restart your device. Once done restart your device.

Open the browser on your device and open the discord official website. Sign in again to confirm that the problem has been fixed. If the normal uninstall fails, uninstall discord and then download it again.

Mobile Discord advanced search options do not exist. Discord PC also allows us to search for the oldest message and choose the option that is most appropriate.

Discord mobile has the majority of working search options

  • From the user
  • Mentions to the user
  • Has: embed, link, or file
  • In channel

Discord mobile doesn’t support the other options such as before and after. If the above options don’t work, you can try these fixes.

FIX 1 – Update Discord (Discord search not working)

Even though discord on the phone is automatically updated, we still need to make sure it is.

Visit the android siteStoreSearch for discord and it will tell you if there are updates. Search on iOS to do the exact same thing. App Store.

discord mobile update

FIX 2 Clear Discord Cache

Discord search on mobile may also be affected by caches. It is simple to clear your phone’s discord cache.

Navigate to the website by opening your phone’s settings app ManagerOrAppsNow, tap on the discord application. Look for the discord app and tap it. Now, tap onStorageClear Cache, and then again.

This will resolve the problem.

FIX 3 – Reinstall Discord (Discord search not working)

Reinstalling Discord is the final and best solution to these problems. All app issues can be fixed by reinstalling discord.

Tap and hold the discord app to uninstall it.

After the app is removed, you can open the app store or the play store to download it again.

You might find yourself in trouble at random discard Search is not working on Mobile and PC.

The problem will be solved by all the solutions. If you answered yes, please let me know by commenting in the box which method worked best for you.

You should now have a clear understanding of the problem and the best way to fix it.

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