How To Install Discord Themes

How To Install Discord Themes In 2022

Discord is a free VoIP chat program intended to assist internet users in connecting and keeping in touch using voice chat over private servers. They use exclusive features such as VoIP booting, discussion handling, forums, and more functions both on the desktop (Windows & Mac) and mobile platforms. I will now show you how to add topics quickly and efficiently to better Discord with better Discord. There’s a lot more information available for those interested in removing a discord host or how to add/manage an account manually.


With Discord, you can install its program on desktops (windows and mac) or use their online platform. Here you will learn how you can customize your desktop-based application with its custom-tailored themes by using third-party discord programs like better Discord.

  How to Install Better Discord?  

You have already been using Discord, and I have directed you to install better Discord. With this, you are unable to add any themes as well as any plugins to your Discord.

These are the steps you need to follow to install the best themes for your Discord program.


You need to click on the Download icon to move the file.

You can find your operating system variant at the bottom of this GitHub page once you’ve been redirected here from the GitHub page.

Get the most recent Far Better Discord by choosing the OS variant and starting downloading.

You should now be able to access and complete the application form that you have downloaded.

Install a Better Discord program on your computer system and proceed through the installation procedure. You won’t need to restart your Discord so long as you scroll to the right towards the settings. From the following, you can discover a triumphant instalment of far better Discord.

The Way to Set up Discord Themes?

Is the question how to put in much better Discord topics? Before you put in any theme, you have to download Discord themes.

To access this, you will need to go to the internet page called, which has a wide selection of plugins and themes such as b-d servers.

Hence visit this website, choose any of the topics you enjoy utilizing and download them to your computer.

The next step is to use topics to make your Discord community unique. Here is just how to do that! Follow these steps.

1. To launch Discord, go to preferences and get started.

2. In the following, go back into the Sidebar and look for BANDAGED B-d, followed by clicking Themes.

3. Open a new window by clicking the “Open Themes Folder” option.

4. Within the theme folder for this specific theme, you can paste the theme you downloaded in BetterDiscordLibrary.

5. When you have uploaded the motif record, return to Discord > Preferences > Topics in Discord itself. What you will see above is this subject.

6. After that, you may choose the subject you intend to utilize and provide a brand new custom expression for your Discord Server.

Top Rated 5 Far Better Discord Themes

Dark Hole Topic

There are many well-known Discord themes. MonsterDev’s Discord theme is unquestionably appealing in that it has a space-like feel. I prefer this dark backdrop since it is much easier on my eyes, especially when it comes to night owls like me!

There have been more than 3 million downloads, so it is beloved by most.

Server Columns Concept

It is also possible to create a better Discord motif by using DevilBro’s motif, an even simpler 1. This theme doesn’t mess too much with the look and feel of the site. It renders all elements except for the host list.

This template automatically generates servers based on the variety of columns in the host list, which varies into a grid, such as a box. You may edit the CSS template to change the columns.

A Column motif is said to have close to 3 million downloads, which isn’t much, but it is the most almost practical theme in this particular list.

ClearVision Concept

It’s another fantastic polished Improved Discord theme. I especially like all of the blue colours and the apparent eyesight motif. Although its general appearance might not be suitable for everyone, I find this topic very appealing also. It has a somewhat contemporary feel about it.

Commonly, I love cloth themes, and that one seems more in keeping with my style. However, it looks a lot better, and I recommend it to everybody.

Nonetheless, this theme has even more to offer you. It is exceptionally customizable. You may alter the colour squares, wallpaper picture, blur percentage, fonts, colours, and a whole lot more.

RadialStatus Concept

The far better Discord theme, created by Gibbs, is yet another. It does not alter Discord’s interface. It just wraps the web page in a circle rather than having a sign at the bottom.

Some people do not want to change, but if you are the kind of person who would benefit, proceed ahead.

More than 20 million people have downloaded the Radial standing Theme, and it continues to grow.

Frosted-glass Topic

One of the most attractive looking themes: The Gibbs motif has the effect of seeing through the glass of your photo. I suppose that it adds some usefulness to Discord’s UI and makes it even more enjoyable.

Having the default option image is also very helpful. You may easily use any image of your liking in the CSS document as well.

Currently, this subject has over seventy-eight million downloads, which means it deserves the popularity it is enjoying.

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