How to Write an Excellent Recommendation Letters for Employees – 10 Best Tips

How to Write an Excellent Recommendation Letters for Employees – 10 Best Tips

One of the most important thing that I have seen in the HR department and among the employees is the concept of reference and recommendation letters. This is undoubtedly a great initiative as this helps the real talent to get appreciation by their workplace and management. 

Writing any letter of reference or recommendation is one of best way and chance to show your appreciation for the hard work and the efforts of a former employee or student. This is also a great opportunity to let the candidate know that you have recognized their valuable efforts and abilities. Also, in this way, you can appreciate the talent that your employee is gifted with! 

This is the most incredible and non-replaceable asset of the company that the organization climbs up the hill success with the help of the talent possessed by the employee. 

A great and encouraging letter of recommendation can have a strong and powerful impact on the candidate’s ability to successfully obtain the job in the future. Also, this can help the candidate with the college program. 


The recommendation or reference letter for the employees can work magic. This is also very important to take time and put in a lot of efforts to write one recommendation letter that must be effective. 

These tiny piece of paper known as the recommendation letter help round out the applicant profile. With the help of reference letter, a hiring manager is able to have an insight that what you are like as the student and as a person. This type of letter is written by the perspective of someone with whom you have worked during the initial days of your job or high-school. 

The reference letters give the future employers a great way to get an insight in the background, abilities, and talents of the candidate. 

Professional experts from cv writing services uk shared his opinion, the solid and well-written letter gives the potential employer more information than they would ever be able to obtain by contacting the HR department of the certain company. 

Also, the recommendation letters are an important part of the application as they are responsible to communicate information about you to the hiring managers. This helps the high-profile companies in finding best match of the candidate for their requirements. 


If you looking to learn some tips to write excellent reference or recommendation letters for your former employees then it is very essential to pay a keen attention to their skills and capabilities. A person who has given a lot of valuable efforts to your organization, this would not be fair to not provide him with any recommendation letter. 

Here we are with 10 great tips of writing phenomenal recommendation and reference letters for your employees. Make sure to have a look at them and take the notes. This will help your employees to keep you in their good books as well. Let’s dive in! 

Create new letter for each new recommendation:

This is very essential to customize each letter with the specific details and must be made in different template that could further highlight the candidate’s qualities. Make sure to make a general outline so this would help you to keep everything in mind and you will not miss any important element. 

Check out and review the resume:

The writers from executive cv services uk penned that while making the reference letter, reviewing the resume of the candidate is going to highlight all his strengths. Make sure to have a full understanding of the background of applicant so you would be able to write it better.

Request for some of the bullet points:

One of the most important element is that making the bullet points in the reference letter would help the candidate’s abilities to get a limelight. This would not only save your time but also would bring a great impact to the next recruiter. 

Prepare the list of qualities and great skills:

Now while writing the reference letter, you must look for the skillset and the qualities of your candidate. Your employee has served you for years and you must know his all great abilities. Feel free to share about those great skills and help him grow in future. 

Introduce yourself as well and give your contact information:

It is also a good idea to introduce yourself in the first lines of the letter. You can also provide your organization contact information so the next recruiter could trust your words as well. Also, your company will look trustworthy and the position of employee would be improved. 

Include the language that has been included in the job description:

The language and the keywords that have been used in the job description, make sure to use them all. This would help to enhance the position of the employee and he would shine out bright in his career. Stay bespoke about his strengths and qualities. 

Focus on some great qualities and quantify the strengths:

Make sure to highlight some of the great qualities of your candidate and bring his strengths to the limelight. This is important for the growth of the employee as well. As he would go somewhere else so he would be considered an eligible candidate. 

Discuss the potential and be enthusiastic:

Ensure to be enthusiastic throughout the reference letter. Make sure that your tone isn’t going harsh or negative for your own employee. Be open about discussing his potential. Reference letter contains all the goodness of the employee and you must share them all. 

Proofread again and check the right format:

Check the right format of the reference letter and make sure that it is not too lengthy or too wordy to read. Talk to the point and explain the strengths of your employee. Proofread your letter again before submission. 


This ultimate guide is encompassing all the excellent tips that you would ever need to write an impressive and effective reference or recommendation letter. 

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