Unique Custom Candy Boxes for All Occasions

Unique Custom Candy Boxes for All Occasions

The “counter-candy” or “sell in bulk” candy packaging is one of the most recognized products by USA consumers. It is popular for its wide variety of chocolates and candies. USA consumers have recognized the wide-range of chocolates available such as: hot chocolate, mints, almond brittle, cashews, honeycomb bits, raisins, and Mexican candy. With custom candy packaging, companies can add a unique flair to their chocolates and candy bars by adding custom wrappers, slogans, decorative borders, and company information. Some companies use their wrappers and bar codes to indicate a participating candy bar in a contest or sweepstakes.

Customized Candy Bars

Customized candy bars are often used to promote or advertise an event, organization, product, company, celebrity, or food. Some examples of events where customized candy boxes are commonly used include: children’s parties, church functions, sports events, fairs, carnivals, and school proms. In school fundraisers, candy bars are often handed out to students and faculty to raise funds. When a large amount of candy has to be produced and distributed at an event, candy house operators often use custom candy boxes to attract customers and make sales.

Custom Candy Boxes

Custom candy boxes are also a great gift idea for family, friends, and loved ones. These boxes are usually made with heavy duty materials that are durable and can withstand years of wear and tear. Candy can be a unique and personal gift that can be presented to someone special on a special occasion. It can be a simple, yet sentimental gift, or a personalized gift that reflects the recipient’s personality. When a person sees that someone took the time to create custom candy boxes filled with candy they enjoy, it shows that the recipient puts thought into choosing that gift, and the recipient appreciates the thought.

Products Promote 

Today, candy companies use custom candy boxes to promote their products. An example is Hershey, which has several different types of candy bars including Milk Tea, Lemon Popping Candy Bar, Minty Caramel Bar, and the Caramel Apple Candy Bar. Each of these candy bars is packaged in a different custom candy box, with a different design and message. For example, the Minty Caramel Candy Bar is packaged in a cherry red package with a red label. The company encourages customers to take one of these candy bars homes and to share them with their friends and family.

Promotional Tools

In addition to using custom candy boxes to market their product, candy companies also use other promotional tools to attract customers. For example, gumball machines sell candy and other toys at conventions and fairs. Conventions often feature a “buy one, get one free” offer. Companies that attend a convention can place orders for the gumball machines, which will help them generate more business by guaranteeing that people bring a package of candy with them to the event.

Sales Featuring

Another way that candy shops generate sales is by featuring special items during their promotions. Many candy shops offer a free small tin of gum or a coupon for a free chocolate bar when customers spend a certain amount of money at their candy counter. This type of promotion, called a “candy promo”, works well for small shops that do not have much overhead but can still manage to post relatively large banners and signage. Even larger candy shops have used this strategy to increase foot traffic, as standing around the candy counter waiting for someone to buy something can be very time consuming.

Pre-Order Custom Candy Boxes

Some large candy companies have even taken things a step further. Several of these companies allow customers to pre-order custom candy boxes, with specific instructions as to what they want the box printed on. For example, a mother might order a custom candy box that has her child’s name printed on it. The box could contain a quote from her child, perhaps something like, “My sweet princess, I’ll never grow up” or “I’m so happy I’m old”. This type of personalized candy box is extremely popular among children.


While some of these custom candy boxes are provided by local manufacturers, most are made in the U.S. by companies that can provide customized candy for any event. When ordering your custom candy boxes, be sure to check and see if they are certified for promotional use. In order to ensure quality, make sure you order your candy from a reputable company that provides quality workmanship. There is nothing worse than receiving a candy box that has bent or warped even after sitting for a few weeks.


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